Naghahanda ngayon ang isa sa maitutring na OPM Icon na si Rico Blanco para sa nalalapit nitong solo major concert sa darating na Setyembre 11 na nakatakdang ganapin sa Araneta Coliseum.

Ayon kay Rico, “It’s been a while since I performed there, and I think for everyone it’s been a while na makanood uli tayo ng mga concert sa mga ganitong venue. Unti-unti tayong bumabalik sa concert scene. We started sa bars, then medium-sized venues, so I’m happy to announce na we’re starting to do this in big venues again,”“I feel that concerts are a product of habit, you know? Going out is a habit; the lifestyle of going out, going to restaurants and concerts, is a habit. So, we are aware of those challenges.”“But someone’s got to do it. Someone’s got to start. I’m happy to take on that risk, with the support of our friends. We know this is a different environment.”Mabibili ang ticket ng naturang concert sa TicketNet website at mga oulets nito sa halagang 6000(SVIP), 5000(VIP), 3500(PATRON A), 3000(PATRON B), 2500(LOWER BOX A), 2000(LOWER BOX B), 1000(UPER BOX) at 500(GEN AD).

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