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SA pamamagitan ng Intsagram account idinaan ng premyadong aktres na si Dina Bonnevie sa pagpanaw ng kanyang malapit na kaibigang si Cherie Gil.

Kalakip ang ilang mga larawan inalala ni Dina ang kanilang pagkakaibigan ni ng yumaong aktres.

“It is with a very sad heart that I need to say goodbye to a very dear friend this morning. Cherie as you know in French, means ‘dear.’ That is what you are to me.””I will never forget all the times we slept together (you, Shawie and I) at my house when we were filming ‘Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas’ ….””You were more than a friend to me, you were my sister, my first mentor in singing, you helped me believe in myself, my dreams, my goals. You were my critic and my fan, never afraid to tell me the truth if you felt I could do better and never stingy for words of praise if I did well. We shared so many stories, insights, analyzed so many matters in our lives together, we even helped one another pick up the pieces of our broken lives then. I remember taking care of Jamie when we were both living in the same condo building and you taking care of me when I was recovering from my broken marriage. You taught me how to let go and be brave to face life’s challenges. We were teachers to one another, always observing life as it unfolds and learning from our experiences along the way on how to be better at everything … even at laughing at ourselves and our silly decisions at times. We believed that we always had to search for our higher selves and what purpose we had to fulfill in life and most of all what we could impart to this world as our contribution, our legacy. I remember how we talked about that in length when I visited you in Italy. I have so many memories of all of our conversations, our joys, our sorrows, laughter and pain. You did your part my dear sister and friend, though your life was not perfect because no one’s life is anyway; you gave your all in everything you did. You did your best despite the circumstances at hand. You were always true and present in mind, body and spirit. That was your legacy! Kudos to you my dearest! I will truly miss you!! I love you, Cherie! Rest now in God’s loving arms where there is everlasting peace. Till we meet again…”

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